Friday, June 28, 2013

Girl of steel … no more!

After my last post, where I had a bit of a panic attack, I was flooded with words of wisdom and support. Thank you, friends.

WP_001101We went in for a pre-op visit the day before the surgery. It was a quick visit, but I was reassured that the procedure would be “simple” and was reminded that she had already gone through a total hip reconstruction that may well belittle any future procedures!

Since the procedure would be early the next day, I had to ship off big brother and big sister to homes of friends and family. We are so fortunate to have such a strong support system! I spent the evening cleaning and changing sheets in hopes of removing any possible sources of infection … crazy, I know. Then Jennah had the last shower that she would have for a couple of weeks, which was heart-breaking because she really, really, really LOVES her nightly showers! I gave her the ritual pre-surgery, antiseptic antimicrobial Hibiclens (4% w/v chlorhexidine gluconate) skin cleaner treatment, which made her smell like a super cuddly sterile glove.

I was totally wired and couldn’t sleep as I kept running times and tasks through my head:
11:00 PM – last medication dosage … give extra Miralax to offset post-anesthesia constipation; pack bag w/ extra clothes, formula, tubes
1:30 AM – switch to clear liquid, increase rate to 90 ml/hr; set alarm to 5:30 AM
5:30 AM – turn off feed; pack up feeding bag and leave by door; set alarm for 6:45 AM
6:45 AM – get up! don’t hit the snooze button! make coffee; make sure hubby is awake by 7:00 AM (my 4th child, right?)
7:30-7:45 AM – leave the house
8:30 AM – check-in time

I was rewarded the next morning with an on-time departure WITH coffee for the road … small wins make me happy!! Smile

I always get to cruise straight to registration, with a quick smile to security and the greeters, thanks to my fancy Seattle Children’s volunteer badge.  I ditched poor hubby who had to get a badge … ha ha … small pleasures.

As we proceeded with registration, I had a spontaneous brain fart and recalled that our last visit there was with Jennah’s rehab doctor who performs Jennah’s Botox injections. We discussed the possibility of piggybacking a Botox treatment while Jennah was under general anesthesia. I went ahead andWP_001081 mentioned this to the nice girl doing our registration, and she put in a couple of calls to get Jennah’s rehab doctor paged. Of course, the doctors returns the page within seconds and as the message is relayed to the doctor, I hear through the phone, “Oh yeah! Totally!!”. Yes, rehab doctor is hip (no pun!) and young … and so very AWESOME! She has been with our beloved Seattle Children’s Hospital for less than a year, but she is going to be very successful here. The registration girl had a surprised, confused look on her face as she hung up and told us that the doctor wants to do the procedure and will “track us down”.

Anyway, fast forward … rehab/Botox doctor got the OK from Jennah’s orthopedic surgeon for the piggyback … yay! We wiped Jennah down with more antimicrobial wipe, and changed her into a gown. The consent forms were signed, and the doctors wrote their initials on Jennah’s pecs, hips, and inner thigh so they’d remember where they were supposed to cut/poke once they get in there. Finally, the went through the safety protocol checklist and wheeled Jennah away at 10:15 AM. The rehab doctor phoned at 10:35 AM to let us know Botox was done. Then we were paged just before 12:00 PM when the hip procedure was done. We were finally reunited with Jennah just after 1:00 PM and discharged and home by 3:00 PM. All in a day’s work … phew!

Everything went as smoothly as we could have hoped! She did have a bit of trouble waking up after anesthesia, but this is typical for her. The ortho surgeon also confirmed that we made the right decisionWP_001088n to remove the hardware! Apparently, once they got in there, they saw that there was, indeed, some irritation and bursas forming around the brackets. Wow … so glad we didn’t leave them in for much longer. 

She’s doing really well today … such a trooper! She is noticeably swollen and seems tender to the touch, but her pain seems to be extremely well tolerated! The only real issue is that I can’t get her to take in enough formula since she keeps vomiting when I get to a certain rate. I think she’ll be ok in a couple of days. She can have her first shower in 4 days and resume therapy in 2 weeks!

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  1. So proud of you both!!! Healing to you, Miss Jennah, and lots of love to all.