Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 more weeks!

I see my last post was while Jennah was in recovery from the surgery! So much for keeping up via the blog, eh? I know that many of you have put up with my bitching and whining over FB where I also have some crazy pictures of her in the car as well as the 5 “easy” steps to changing a diaper. As I’m sure you can understand, these past 4 weeks have been a bit hellish. We spent only 3 nights at Seattle Children’s and were released after forcing Jennah to have a bowel movement before the end of the day’s last rounds. I was ready to get out of there‼

The first week was absolutely terrible. She was on oxycodone (causes Jennah more constipation and nausea), acetaminophen, lorazepam (a muscle relaxer) and two types of stool softeners along with her usual seizure medications. I was drugging her with something every two hours around the clock. One of the worse things about her first week was the muscle spasms. They had cut through and lengthened 2 pairs of her muscles, the abductors and adductors, so they spasm as they begin to heal back together. The spasms looked exactly like her seizures. It was heart-wrenching not knowing if the pain had provoked her seizures or if they muscle spasms, or both. They were painful, no doubt, and she let us know.

By the end of the second week, after dozing off during both of my classes (luckily my professors both understood and pitied me), I was ready to throw in the towel and quit my studies. In the four years that I have spent earning this degree, through Jennah’s infancy and seizures, through the move to Dubai and back, I have never wanted to quit so badly. Through the support of my husband and classmates, I’ve come back around and am still expected to graduate in 2 weeks! Don’t get me started on how much these next two weeks of projects, papers and finals is going to suck …

So, it’s been 4 crazy weeks. I have not had more than 90 minutes of consecutive sleep in 4 weeks … well, aside from one night where Jennah had a bit of a cold and slept for 4 hours straight! I just hope she didn’t get any bed sores from that stretch of immobility! Anyway, I am tired. Exhausted, really. I don’t know if there is really a word to describe my physical being of exhaustion and mental stress. My complexion is shot, my hair is greasy, I have more eye wrinkles than my mom, and my pants are falling off.

BTW, did I mention that Jennah’s cast is to be removed on the day of my last final exam? No telling how she’s going to react to being free, but put into a brace in a different position. I expect she’ll be sore and have more muscle spasms. Nothing ever comes easy. Luckily, I just learned that hubby will be in town that week … phew!

On the bright side, Jennah is laughing and smiling again, despite her nasty-smelling cast. She really is such a trooper and just so incredibly sweet.