Thursday, February 24, 2011

We left Dubai for this??

We arrived back in Seattle again on Christmas evening. It was friggin' cold! We left 75'F weather for this? What were we thinking?? Not to mention an array of insurance issues, doctor appointments, back to classes for me, and A & B in a new school again.

Fast forward 2 months to Feb 24 ...
we're doing as well as we can hope considering our hectic situation! A & B have done AWESOME! It was amazing to see how well they have adjusted to the cold weather, new school, and being away from their dad. They are amazing kids.
I'm back in my classes at UW as well. I did become quite ill with bacterial pneumonia shortly after the new year. It had to have been a combination of airplane travel, jet lag, stress, and sheer denial that something was seriously wrong since we just had a lecture on the topic in my diagnostics class.
Jennah is also doing well. She's back on her horse twice a week, even in the frigid cold. We've ironed out the insurance issues and have met with her orthopedic surgeon and neurodevelopmentalist. Next up is her 24-hour video-monitored EEG on March 14. Once we get the OK from that, ISA, we will go ahead and get her reconstructive hip surgery scheduled.

We had a crazy amount of snow these past few days. The 4Runner rules the roads. The kids LOVE the snow, but are poorly equipped. We went to REI in an attempt to find waterproof gloves without success. A is wearing her leather knee-hi boots to play in the snow ... and so is B. He doesn't realize they are my goddaughter's hand-me-down boots. Hopefully no permanent damage done. ;)

I personally miss Dubai terribly. I miss the warm weather and the coffee mornings with mums. I miss the coffee shop at school with the expansive view of the swimming pool and chatting with my dear friends. I really miss my hijaab and my husband, too. Patience is certainly a virtue.

At least we are near family and other old friends here. Also extremely comforting to know that Jennah receives consistent therapy and is among great medical care here. This is definitely the better place for her.