Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hip surgery update

We've moved the date up to April 25. One month to dread and stress over it.

I think I'm going to start tweeting again ...
I really should try to sleep more ... oh well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VEEG report!

Jennah hates getting her scalp abraded

I am thrilled to report that Jennah’s last 24-hour VEEG shows NO seizures … wohoo‼‼ Of course, this doesn’t really mean that she is completely seizure-free, just that she didn’t have any during the course of the study. However, as a bonus finding, the EEG shows that she has a marked improvement in her background waves … this is absolutely phenomenal‼ So if she is having any seizures, then they certainly aren’t harming her and they aren’t worth increasing the medications to treat. Any change in meds is usually very disruptive to Jennah, so it’s not worth rocking the boat in this case.

Finally got all those electrodes glued on!

Our hospital room at Swedish before we messed it up.
We got to take the cute blanket home!

We also went in for her preschool assessment today! It makes me realize that she really isn’t a baby anymore … she’s real little girl! It was so cute to see her in a school environment. Of course, she met the special needs requirement with flying colors … in fact, you can say she excelled at how needy she is, lol! It’s funny because when you hear “assessment”, it’s usually, “gosh, I hope my kid is good enough”. In this case, it’s “is your kid really truly delayed?” With all of the procedural and paper work stuff they have to do, she won’t be able to start until the summer program and she’ll be ready for the fall school year. This is just fine with us since we have the hip reconstruction coming up …

While we were at the assessment, the orthopedic surgeon’s office called to schedule the procedure. So as soon as I got home, we got Baba on the webcam and set a date … May 5. Not something to really look forward to, but we do what we have to, right?