Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 8 – no more poop

We can all stop praying for poop now, because the fluoroscopy imaging yesterday showed that her bowels are free and clear. It also shows that her lower digestive system, from her g-tube/stomach down to the caecum, all functions correctly. So that’s good news … right? DSCN3855

Parenteral Nutrients (PN) + Lipids (white bag)

Of course, the fluoroscopy test required 50 ml (< 2 oz) of barium to be pumped into her stomach. It’s like a single gulp. She used to take 180 ml of formula in 15 minuteDSCN3865s with no problem. So a couple hours after the test, the cramping, screaming, retching and vomiting commenced and continued for a good 3 hours. That sucked. She also managed to rip out her IV during one of the retching fits, so we moved her IV once again. This time it’s in her left foot. We have 1 limb (the right foot) left that hasn’t been poked. She was worn out for the rest of the night and slept through our family’s visit.

GI doctor came in for a consult. He ran through all the ideas he had … very honest and open, which I really appreciate. Some of his theories would probably freak the crap out of other parents, so I wonder if he’s this open with everyone. In considering metabolic or genetic disorders, he asked if hubby looked like me … Asian, tall and skinny. I laughed really loud and probably startled him. Then without thinking I said, “he actually looks like you except more thick and square and Palestinian.” So he brightened up and said, “well, I’m Palestinian, too!” Ironic … and a relief I didn’t offend the guy!

His game plan was to try a slow drip of Pedialyte of 10 ml (2 tsp.) over an hour to see how she tolerates it. If she still vomits, then he wants to do an endoscopy survey tomorrow. Well, she stayedDSCN3862 up til 3 AM this morning retching and vomiting. So we’re on for the endoscopy tomorrow as well as scan of her brain to see if anything weird is going on up there given her existing encephalopathy (brain injury, seizures, etc).

Plan for today:

  1. Turn off the pedialyte – nothing by g-tube except Lamictal (since it doesn’t come in IV form Sad smile )
  2. Schedule PICC, MRI (if compatible with her titanium hips) or CT Scan, endoscopy + sigmoid colonoscopy
  3. Wash her hair!! nasty, vomit-infused hair …

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  1. Jeez, it keeps getting better and better. All I can say is two thumbs up for a doctor you can trust!!!! You are all in our thoughts. Hope they have some really lovely-scented conditioner for her...